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  • 배너이미지
  • 배너이미지
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RoyalHotelSeoul Restautant

Grand Kitchen

you can enjoy a scenic view of Seoul from the 21st floor, the highest of Royal Hotel Seoul

RoyalHotelSeoul Restautant

Special Memory

Make a more special and beautiful memory from 'Grand Kitchen'

RoyalHotelSeoul Pattiserie Etocle

Pattiserie Etocle

It is genuine premium cake with balanced feelings of original flavor and aroma.

The Garden cafe&bar

  • RoyalHotelSeoul Restautant
    The Garden is gallery café that are relaxing and nature-friendly.
  • RoyalHotelSeoul Restautant
    At the Garden Bar, you can enjoy a variety of liquor – wine, champagne, stylish cocktails prepared by bartenders, whiskeys and beers.


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